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Launching & growing a grass roots business can be intimidating, overwhelming and, who are we kidding, financially difficult.


In a world that is dominated by social media and high-quality content we all know the importance of digital marketing to the success of your business (especially a new one).


Enter.....ZES Collective! The perfect one stop location for learning the key steps and strategies to build your brand online. From quality content creation, to marketing strategies and social media advertising, after attending a ZES Collective workshop or, if you choose, experiencing a one-on-one consultation you will be ready to maximise your digital business footprint and reach the market that your business deserves.


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My passion to help small, local and sustainable/eco businesses achieve their goals is driven from my own personal experiences in the entrepreneurial world, passion for marketing, content creation and helping others make a difference in this world with their unique business ideas. 


After graduating from Deakin University with a Bachelor of Environmental Science, I found myself on a journey of creativity as I launched my first business venture.


This was an incredible learning experience, with little to no understanding of marketing at this stage I was thrown in the deep end. Gaining a very real understanding of how taxing a new business launch can be, along with its endless costs and the importance of online and social media marketing in today’s digital age. 


5 years on, I have completed a post graduate from RMIT in Marketing & Communication, worked with a wide variety of business big and small, wrapped up my first brand and am focusing solely on applying my time, passion and expertise for marketing into something that I truly care about, helping new entrepreneurs grow their dream business, using effective online tactics that not only work, but won’t break the bank and will give you the freedom of running your own marketing journey. 


I cannot wait to meet you and your business! 


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